Mandy Testimonials

Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

  • Eddie Overs

    15th Sep 2020

    I had my showreel done with cinematic showreels. I had such a fun time making it and everyone there was so nice and helpful. It's also a good price for what you get aswell!

  • Zara Kelly

    10th Sep 2020

    We are really enjoying using It’s such a great site with lots of potential for the young talents. Easy to use and simple to search/message and follow. It’s nice to be able to in contact with potential work first hand rather than always through an agency

  • Tara Stapley

    6th Mar 2020

    After a very slow period in January/February I applied for a Presenter job on Mandy (wasn't exactly sure what it was for). After a successful callback, I then get offered the job on the Cbeebies 'Rainbow Adventure' tour! Thank you Mandy for making it possible!

  • Subhash Goswami

    18th Feb 2020

    Within weeks of having a profile here at Mandy Platform, I got invited to one audition and today I got the part! Always give the best on that one shot and "that one shot" will fetch something. I am super excited to be playing this part. Thank you Mandy Platform and thank you Adam Tulloch CEO of Total Insight Theatre for recommending me Mandy Platform. Let's see where this journey now takes me..:)

  • Splinter Productions

    30th Oct 2019

    The system works very well and there is a good standard of actors - better than other sites out there!

  • Ellern Mede Group

    30th Oct 2019

    Fantastic response.

  • Tamiah Messado

    11th Oct 2019

    Mandy has been amazing and such a great stepping stone for me and opened up a door of opportunities

  • Ronnie Dorsey Productions

    10th Jul 2019

    Great service, would definitely use again.

  • Notable Pictures

    5th Jul 2019

    Response was excellent

  • Belle Mundi

    5th Jul 2019

    I got a good response to the ad and found a very good assistant. Thanks

  • Still Dreaming Films Ltd

    22nd Jun 2019

    got very lucky indeed! Found the two roles from the first two applicants...which is a one in billion fluke! perfectly happy.

  • e-learning WMB Ltd

    21st Jun 2019

    Hired for all parts via Mandy

  • Nightpiece Media

    17th Jun 2019

    Good standard of performers, all cast now!

  • Drama Kirk

    13th Jun 2019

    Superb system - makes managing loads of applicants really easy. Thank you.

  • National Dance Company of Ireland

    7th Jun 2019

    Thank you, yes the site was a great help

  • Media Brighton

    31st May 2019

    Really efficient service and easy to use, found a great actor extremely last minute, very pleased

  • Lindsay Segall

    31st May 2019

    It's a great service that attracts good people.Many thanksLindsay

  • 2030 Films

    29th May 2019

    Thank you very much for allowing us to use Mandy again - it was a pleasure as always! On this occasion, the Director's decided to bring on board a couple of talents he's worked with in the past and that's the reason why we haven't taken any of your amazingly talented actors. However, we know Mandy's always the best reference for sourcing and we'll be back next time! Cheers, Miguel Ramos

  • Tom Ross

    28th May 2019

    I think the Mandy UK website is brilliant! It's really good that it's a one stop shop and that you can do a lot within it. Really impressive!Tom

  • William Hadley

    24th May 2019

    Plenty of quality sound recordists applied, hired one for the job. Thanks! Will