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Mandy Actors, formerly known as 'CCP Jobs' or 'Casting Call Pro' helps actors like you find auditions, casting calls and ultimately jobs in the entert...
Mandy Actors, formerly known as 'CCP Jobs' or 'Casting Call Pro' helps actors like you find auditions, casting calls and ultimately jobs in the entertainment sector. We list 1,000s of new opportunities each year and these cover the entire breadth of the acting profession, including:
- Movies
- TV shows
- Theater plays
- Musicals
- Broadway
- Commercials
- Corporate projects

Regardless of whether you're just starting out and want to become an actor or you're a seasoned veteran with many credits under your belt you will find suitable roles on Mandy Actors US. We take your acting career seriously, in fact our founders were actors themselves. Fed up of missing out on acting roles because they were not publicly listed they set out on a mission to bring more transparency to the sector. In the decades since Mandy has gone from strength to strength. Our members are able to see every single job posted on website, no exception. We believe that there is a lot of undiscovered talent and many underrepresented groups; by opening these doors our members are able to see acting opportunities they would not otherwise gain access to and this helps make the art we create stronger!

Mandy Actors US is the answer to many of your questions, including "How do I get an acting job", "How do I find casting calls" or "How do I audition for a movie". Our goal is to make your life as an actor easier, by curating job boards with exclusive opportunities & roles collated from across the internet. With everything in one place you can spend your time applying and auditioning, rather than searching for work. We vet each job on the website so that you know every role is live, from a reputable employer and is going to pay you a good salary.

We feature jobs from across the country including all the major production hubs, such as:
- New York; including NYC
- California; including LA, San Diego, San Francisco & Burbank
- Georgia; including Atlanta
- Florida; including Orlando & Miami

Auditions and casting calls are not limited to these locations however, you can expect to find gigs in the likes of Texas, Utah, Washington & Illinois. In fact you can use the location filter below to search for casting opportunities near you, which will help you find local roles.

The Mandy Network is the best casting website for people in the entertainment industry. As well as acting jobs we offer users access to multiple websites all under the umbrella. Other areas of the website that you might be interested include:
- Mandy Talent US; offering background work for extras & modelling opportunities
- Mandy Voices US; for actors interested in voiceover work
- Mandy Stage US; caters for theater professionals wanting to work behind the scenes
- Mandy Crew US; providing opportunities for film & TV crew working behind the camera

If you want to apply for any of the jobs in the list below you just need to sign up for a Mandy Premium account by clicking on the "Join Free" button. In doing so you are joining the worlds largest online community of creative professionals. You will be able to apply for any job you find on Mandy Actors US, contribute to online forums and take advantage of exclusive perk. Employers use Mandy to list jobs and they also use our advanced search functionality to find actors for their upcoming projects.

When you create an account you are able to sign up for customised email notifications which will ensure you never miss a casting notice again! Sign up today and start applying for theater auditions, movie casting calls & TV casting calls.

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